In connection to the Benarx® products, Beerenberg offer extensive training services to it's customers world wide. The training services range from online training program with certification, product training in our premises to on-site NORSOK training of supervisors and operators and general insulation techniques. In particular Beerenberg has extensive training programs for yards undertaking supply and installation of insulation on piping, vessels and equipment destined for the Norwegian Continental Shelf where NORSOK requirements set stringent requirement of the operators proof of competence.

NORSOK Training Supervisor on-site

  • Training of relevant personnel (insulation supervisor, foremen and operators) to perform insulation work according to IPS. Focus on material and details which are special for NORSOK.
  • Evaluate workers and approve when they are ready for NORSOK test.
  • Arrange theoretical test for all workers.
  • Confirm with client how to carry out the NORSOK testing and what acceptance criteria to use.
  • Arrange NORSOK testing with client present.
  • Issue Site Test Certificate to all workers who pass the test.