R&D Services

Beerenberg has a dedicated in house research and development department working full time with product development and technology research. The R&D activity is performed in cooperation with research and technology institutions, customers and industry groups.

Our R&D activities currently focuses on three main areas

  • Development of a new insulation material and production technology to deliver cost efficient pre-fabricated insulation products for thermal, acoustic and fire applications.
  • Understanding of CUI issues and developing the best mitigation for both avoiding CUI in the future but also detecting CUI risk areas
  • Improving fire performance of existing Benarx® passive fire protection products

In addition Beerenberg works with material suppliers and other technology houses to find suitable materials and technologies that can be applied in the insulation application for the Oil&Gas market.
Several of the Benarx® innovative products are a result of the R&D department's work to solve customer needs. Beerenberg commonly undertakes development programs in cooperation with the customer to solve specific needs or development of tailor made product solutions.