Design & Engineering

The Oil&Gas activity on the Norwegian Continental Shelf has long been seen as one of the centres of technology development for this industry. Very harsh climatic conditions combined with stringent requirements from the government regulatory bodies, has lead to the development of innovate solutions driven by application of technology to finding better and more cost effective solutions.

In this environment Beerenberg has applied an engineering approach to these challenges, to become the leading insulation specialist in the Oil&Gas industry. Rather than considering isolated requirements, Beerenberg considers multiple aspects and often a combination of best available technologies to create an optimal offering in a holistic picture considering the complete lifespan of the plant.

Beerenberg has a long experience in delivering engineering services from concept/FEED to completion, and we can deliver the following typical services

Concept development

  • Studies and analysis
  • Cost and plan estimates
  • Products development for special requirements


  • Detailed design
  • Risk estimation and mitigation
  • Cost estimation
  • Planning
  • Procurement support

Construction/ fabrication

  • Construction planning, work packages and implementation
  • Supervision
  • Inspection
  • QC
  • Prefabrication of special solutions


  • Mechanical Completion (MC)
  • Punch and carry over scope
  • As build documentation
  • Final documentation (LCI)