Product information

This Product is widely used in industrial pipelines, petroleum/petrochemical industry, home Appliances, Construction and others, because of its excellent performance in energy saving and emission reduction.


Specific advantages are as follows:

  • Low dust aerogel
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance
  • Stable performance
  • Fire resistance in grade A
  • Easy to construct; Increase the effectiveness of Space usage
  • Durable and logevity
  • Safe and enviromentally friendly 


Tested according to ASTM C1728 - Standard Specification for Flexible Aerogel Insulation

  • ASTM 1763-B Water absorption
  • ASTM C165 Compression test
  • ASTM C303 Classification of thickness and density
  • ASTM C356 Linear shrinkage under soaking heat
  • ASTM C1104 Water vapor sorption
  • ASTM C411 Hot Surface Performance
  • ASTM E84 Surface burning characteristics 
  • ASTM 871 and ASTM C795 Leachable Ions and pH
  • ASTM D5116-15 Enviromental Organic Emission
  • ASTM D5116-15 Prohibited Substance

Other tests

  • EN 12667 Thermal conductivity
  • BS 476 Part 4 Fire Test on Building Material
  • ISO 22899 Performance in Jet-fire
  • GB/T 17393-2008 Stress Corrosion Test On Austenitic Stainless Steel
  • Crystallinity Study of fibers
  • GB/T 34336-2017 Nanoporus aerogel Products for thermal insulation
  • BB 8624-2012 Classification for burning behaviour of bulding material
  • ISO 15665 Acoustics - Acoustic insulation for pipes, valves and flanges



Industry Applications

Oil & Gas - Refineries; Aerospace, Marine Transportation; Cryogenic Insulation

Nominal Thickness 3 mm, 5 mm, 10mm   
Density 161 kg/m3  
Operational Temperature –165°C ~ 650°C  
Fire Rating A  
Thermal Conductivity W/mK 0.018-0.020