Aerogel Insulation


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Thermal insulation is needed in order to maintain process temperature conditions, reduce energy consumption, provide personnel protection from hot/cold equipment and to prevent condensation and icing on cold lines. Aerogel insulation blankets offer the markets best thermal insulation performance and also comes with the benefit of being water-repellant which helps mitigate CUI resulting from water intake.

· Best thermal insulation performance in the market

· Low thickness - meets requirements at roughly half the thickness of conventional insulation materials

· Low weight

· Low dust emittance

· Water-repellent, does not absorb water even when emerged in water over time

· Fully tested to all tests and requirements under ASTM C1728 including but not limited to:

· Can be utilized for all insulation classes or for combination of insulation classes

· Select products are produced from recycled waste products and have a very low environmental impact


Beerenberg offers a range of aerogel products both in bulk and as pre-cut and even pre-shaped form. A selection of products are also offered with pre-attached which can serve both as a vapor barrier and as dust-reducing barrier.


From left: Precut-fittings as flat-pack, Precut-fittings with foil and Preformed fittings for pipes (left second row)

Aerogel products as a group can be used for all insulation classes and for temperatures between -165’C and +650’C. There are however product-specific limitations within each product type:

· Oryza-Sil-650 and Pyrogel XT-E are designed to be used for ambient or hot operating temperature, while Oryza-LTG and Cryogel Z are designed to be used for cold temperatures. Oryza-Sil-650 and Pyrogel XT-E can be used for cold temperatures as well but they are not as effective as Oryza-LTG or Cryogel Z for insulating cold equipment.

· Cryogel Z should not be used hot equipment with process temperature above 125’C.

· Products (both flat pre-cut and preformed) with pre-glued foil should not be used on objects with process temperatures above 200’C without case-by-case evaluation and pre-approval from Beerenberg. This constraint is generated because the glue used to fasten the foil has a temperature limitation of its own.

Note that preformed pipe insulation is only available for pipe-straight pieces. Pre-cut fittings like bends, T-pieces, reducers etc. are only available as flat-packed pre-cut sheets.

· Available in several material grades: Oryza-Sil-650 / Oryza-LTG 

· Available in several forms: As rolls(bulk), as flat pre-cut fittings or as preformed pipe-sections.

· Available both with and without pre-glued foil for dust-reduction - (Not relevant for Oryza products due to their reduced dust emissions) - (Cryogel Z always has pre-applied foil)

· Applicable for a variety of temperature ranges from -165’C to 650’C

· Thoroughly tested and approved against all relevant NORSOK and ASTM C1728 standards.

· See technical product datasheets for each product in the bottom of this page for detailed information on the properties of each product.

For installation manuals on Aerogels, Beerenberg refers to and recommends our clients to follow the manufacturers installation manuals. Contact for the latest version of installation manuals issued from our suppliers.

Aerogels requires standard insulator tools and equipment for installation. If you have never installed aerogels before contact for guidance on appropriate tools for your project.

Depending on the project’s specification: Benarx Steel Cladding, GRP Cladding, Benarx Steel straps, glassfiber tape, vapour barrier foil, sealant, Benarx F Drain Plugs, Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plugs and Benarx Preformed End Cap Gaskets may be needed in order to install Aerogels. These accessory materials are ordered separately.

· Certificates for traceability of batch may be sent upon request.

· TDS Datasheets

· HSE Datasheets

· Installation procedure

Unit configuration:
The units used for oredering Aerogels varies with product and shape.

When ordering in bulk aerogels are ordered as whole rolls. That is, one “unit” = 1 roll ordered. The rolls of the different products have the following dimensions and sizes:

- Roll of Oryza-Sil-650:

3mm roll  1.5m * 60m = 90m
5mm  roll  1.5m * 46m = 69m2
10mm  roll  1.5m * 28m = 42m2


- Roll of Oryza-LTG:

5mm roll  1.5m * 46m = 69m2
10mm roll  1.5m * 28m = 42m2


- Roll of Pyrogel XT-E:

5mm roll  1.5m * 92.9m = 139.3m2 
10mm roll  1.5m * 52.6m = 79.0m2


- Roll of Cryogel Z:

5mm  roll  1.5m * 79.0m = 116.1m2
10mm  roll  1.5m * 44.2m = 65.0m2


Pre-cut (flat) with or without foil:

When ordering aerogels as pre-cut (flat) pipe-fittings the products are ordered per fitting. That is one “unit” received for “ea” fitting ordered. Multi-layer thicknesses like for example a 20mm bend (2 x 10mm) is ordered as one unit for “ea” 20mm thickness bend. One unit therefore includes both layers. Despite being ordered as one unit per “ea” fitting, multilayer fittings will still be packed as two individual layers when shipped.

When ordering pre-cut (flat) sheets for insulation of straights pipe sections the pre-cut sheets come in standard lengths. As with the pre-cut fittings, multiple layers are ordered in one unit. One “unit” ordered will result in one standard length received. The following standard lengths apply:


- Oryza-Sil-650: 0,75m
- Oryza LTG: 0,75m
- Pyrogel XT-E: 0,75m 
- Cryogel Z: 0,75m


Preformed (rounded) with or without foil:

Note that only straight pipe insulation can be ordered as pre-formed aerogel. When ordering preformed (rounded) sheets for insulation of straights pipe sections the preformed aerogel come in standard lengths. Multilayer thicknesses like 20mm, 30mm or 40mm are included within each unit. One “unit” ordered will result in one standard length received. The following standard lengths apply:


- Oryza-Sil-650: 0,75m 
- Oryza LTG: 0,75m
- Pyrogel XT-E: 0,75m 
- Cryogel Z: 0,75m


The packing of aerogels is executed in such a way as to minimize space and dust emission. Pre-cut, flat-packed fittings are wrapped in plastic foil and cleaned from dust before they are packaged and stacked.

Each article is marked by a label for easy identification on site. The label containing all needed information: description, layer number and its quantity. An example of labeled product is shown below.

That packaged products are put in pallets or cartons depends on client specification.

Aerogels can be ordered in our Ordering Portal or through you nearest Beerenberg sales representative. If you are ordering yourself through the portal, make sure that you have read and understood all the content and accompanying documents listed in point 1-8 before ordering. This includes but is not limited to:

· How the product works

· Which thickness and material type you need

· How to install the product

· Which tools are needed

· Which accessory materials are needed

· You have read and understood the technical datasheet for the product you would like to order

Beerenberg offer a range of support and services connected to Aerogels. Contact Beerenberg for an offer if you would like an offer or are in doubt about something related to Aerogels. The following services are offered as an optional service:

· Installation

· Supervision of installation using the customers own insulators

· Training and jigg-testing for new insulators

· Design engineering and IPS work

· Thermal calculation of insulation thickness

· Benarx Steel cladding (alternative to GRP Cladding)

· Benarx Rivetless Cladding (alternative to GRP Cladding)

· Benarx Steel Boxes

· Benarx Steel straps

· Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plug

· Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket