Structural Insulated Panels

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Product information

The Benarx Epoxy Structure Panel patented solution is designed to overcome these challenges. The light weight construction of perforated stainless steel and intumescent epoxy coating is designed to withstand the toughest hydrocarbon and jet fire scenarios. The Benarx F Epoxy Structure Panel can be custom made to fit any geometry or be delivered in flat panels to cover walls/ceilings areas. The prefabricated solution saves valuable installation time resulting in reduced need for offshore bed capacity, helicopter transport and with a significantly reduced HSE impact. Also in land facilities, the prefabricated solution can show significant savings compared to wet applied epoxy on site. In rehabilitation scenarios, the Benarx F Epoxy Structure Panel solution is especially beneficial as it can be mounted on top of the existing PFP solution, eliminating the need for removing old PFP coating which may contain hazardous substances.

  • Designed to meet NORSOK R-004 Class 5 (fire protection)
  • Tested and certified to withstand up to 120 minutes with Jet Fire test, according to ISO-22899-1 (250 kW/m2) and extended Jet Fire test (Heat Flux 350 kW/m2)
  • Certified to withstand up to 120 minutes Hydrocarbon fire exposure according to EN 1363-2 Fire Resistance
  • Tested and certified for explosion load
  • Tested for blast resistance up to 1.2 bar
  • Low Life Cycle Cost
  • Prefabricated design eliminated on-site fabrication works, reduced HSE risk.