Steel Box For Valve And Flange Insulation


Product information

The removable steel box for re protection of valves and flanges is encased with thin plates covering the sealed-o insulation. The box features adjustable eccentric locks for easy mounting and demounting. All joints are sealed with gaskets or silicone to ensure they are watertight. Boxes are inspection and maintenance friendly, custom-made, and individually tagged. The box can be delivered in two versions; one with steel on the outside (single steel box), and one with steel both on the in-and outside (double steel box)

  • Jet and hydrocarbon re-rated and certified for up to one hour
  • Explosion-tested
  • High-performance product, tested for ageing and static electric discharge.
  • Easy to install and dismantle for inspection
  • Custom made or standard
  • Maintenance-friendly, even in the harshest climatic conditions
  • Cost-saving, due to easy mounting
  • Approved and used by global leaders in oil and gas (BP, Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Petro Canada, Shell)