Fire Drain Plug

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Product information

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) results in billions of dollars in maintenance cost for oil and gas asset owners every year. The primary driver for CUI is the presence of water under insulation, and effective drainage solutions helps water get out of the insulation. Benarx Fire Drain Plug is designed to be installed on fire insulation systems and allow water to leave out through the drain plug, whilst protecting the integrity of the insulation in case of a fire. The intumescent inner liner of the plug will expand, close and keep fire out in the case of a fire scenario.

Benarx Fire Drain Plug can be installed on all fire insulation systems were drain holes are necessary.

· Made from SS 316 stainless steel

· Tested for up to 120 minutes of jetfire

· Can be retrofitted on existing insulation in addition to being fitting during installation of new insulation.

Contact for receival of the latest version of the Installation Manual for Benarx Fire Drain Plug.

Standard insulation toolboxes are required in order to install. For a full list of the required tools, refer to Installation Manual for Installation Manual for Benarx Fire Drain Plug.

Several accessory materials are needed in order to install Benarx Fire Drain Plug. Refer to the Installation Manual for Benarx Fire Drain Plug for a full list of the required accessory materials.

Unit configuration:
Benarx Fire Drain Plug are delivered in single. Each quantity includes one plug. One “qty = one plug”. Note that steel plates and bands for fastening the plugs are ordered separately as accessory material.

Benarx Fire Drain Plug can be ordered in our Ordering Portal or through you nearest Beerenberg sales representative. If you are ordering yourself through the e-Com portal, make sure that you have read and understood all the content and accompanying documents listed in point 1-8 before ordering. This includes but is not limited to:

· How the product works

· How to install the product

· Which tools are needed

· Which accessory materials are needed

Beerenberg Services offer a range of support and services connected to Benarx Fire Drain Plug. Contact Beerenberg Services for an offer if you would like an offer or are in doubt about something related to Benarx Fire Drain Plug.

The following services are offered as an optional service:

· Training of personnel for installation of Benarx Fire Drain Plug

· Installation

· Supervision of installation using the customers own insulators

· Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plug

· Steel straps