Epoxy Pipeshell

Benarx Epoxy Pipeshell

Product information

The Benarx Pipeshells is ideally suited for passive fire protection of pipes. The light weight and slim construction of perforated stainless steel and intumescent epoxy coating is designed to withstand the toughest hydrocarbon and jet fire scenarios.

The prefabricated design with superior mechanical properties saves valuable installation time, mitigates the need for work with thinners and epoxy on site.

 Its mechanical strength, airgap-from-pipe and its easy of removal/re-installation ensures low-life-cycle cost, good water-drainage to prevent CUI and quick and easy inspection during service.

The Benarx Epoxy Pipe Shells are extremely quick to install and is an ideal solution for upgrade of passive fire protection on existing pipes with no epoxy work on site.

Benarx Pipeshells can be used for Passive Fire Protection, Acoustic Insulation and is also designed to mitigate CUI. If the product is fitted with pre-glued thermal insulation inside, it can also be used as a combined Thermal Insulation & Passive Fire Protection system.

Pipeshells can be used without insulation on pipes with operating temperatures between ambient and 80’C. For pipes outside this temperature range insulation may need to be added inside the pipeshells. In these cases, contact Beerenberg for calculation of the thermal insulation thickness needed.

· Tested for HC-fire according to BS476-20 for up to 180 minutes

· Tested for UL1709 rapid rise hydrocarbon fire for up to 120 minutes

· Tested for jet-fire according to ISO 22899 for up to 180 minutes

· Tested for HHF Jet-fire for up to 30 minutes

· Tested for blast resistance up to 1.2 bar

· Certified and type-approved by Lloyds Register

· Tested and certified for CSP (Cryogenic Spill Protection) for up to 60 minutes for both immersion-type and jet-type scenarios

· Slim and low weight prefabricated design

· High performance product tested for explosion loads

· Ageing and exposure to harsh environments

· Antistatic discharge properties

· Low Life Cycle Cost, long life time, fast installation and easy removal for inspection

· Delivered with non-metallic air-gap spacer design for mitigation of CUI on the pipe surface

· Proven track record in the toughest conditions from the cold harsh arctic conditions to warm tropical climates

Contact Benarx-manuals@beerenberg.com for receival of the latest version of the Installation Manual for Benarx Pipeshells.

Standard insulation toolboxes are required in order to install Benarx Pipeshells. For a full list of the required tools, refer to Installation Manual for Benarx Pipeshells.

Several accessory materials are needed in order to install Benarx Pipeshells. Refer to Installation Manual for Benarx Pipeshells for a full list of the required accessory materials.

· TDS (Technical datasheet) Benarx Pipeshells

· MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Benarx Pipeshells

· Usermanual Benarx Epoxy Pipeshell survey sketches

· Standard survey sketches for Benarx Pipeshells


Unit configuration:
Pipeshells are delivered in pairs which are fitted around the pipe (One “qty” ordered = one pair).

· Straight pipeshells are delivered in 0,6 meter lengths. One “qty” = one pair of 0,6 meter long half-shells.

· Bends, T-pieces, reducers, end-caps, and splice bars are not 0,6 meter long. One “qty” bend = one pair of bend halve shells. For detailed dimensions on these special parts see illustrations and sketches available during ordering in the E-com portal.

Spare parts, accessory materials and tools are not included and must be ordered separately. Refer to the installation manual under point 4 for details and guidance on this. If it’s the first time you order pipeshells and you are not familiar with the product, or if you are in doubt with respect to estimating the correct quantity to order; its strongly advised that you seek guidance from a Beerenberg representative.

Pipeshells are wrapped in protective plastic or paper to avoid abrasion damage during transport. For certain fitting there are also wooden shape-restraints ensuring that the product is not deformed during transport.

All parts are placed in cardboard boxes and with larger quantities these boxes are shipped on fumigated euro-pallets.

The Packaged goods delivered on euro-pallets are covered with plastic and the pallet can be place outside for limited periods.

The packing-list-details of the contents, is clearly marked on the outside of the box/pallet.

Pipeshells can be ordered in our Ordering Portal or through you nearest Beerenberg sales representative. If you are ordering yourself through the e-Com portal, make sure that you have read and understood all the content and accompanying documents listed in point 1-8 before ordering. This includes but is not limited to:

· How the product works

· How to install the product

· Which tools are needed

· Which accessory materials are needed

· How to determine the correct dimensions to order

· How to determine the correct qty to order

Beerenberg Services offer a range of support and services connected to Benarx Pipeshells. Contact Beerenberg Services for an offer if you would like an offer or are in doubt about something related to Benarx Pipeshells. The following services are offered as an optional service:

· Training of personnel for installation of pipeshells (site-tests)

· Surveying of pipelines for correct measurements of required dimensions

· Installation

· Supervision of installation using the customers own insulators

· Engineering support

· Constructing MTO’s

· Clash testing

· Job planning and project management