CUI - WUI Drain Detection Plug

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Product information

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) results in billions of dollars in maintenance cost for oil and gas asset owners every year. The primary driver for CUI is the presence of water under insulation, but inspection for water and corrosion is expensive and is often performed with low accuracy.

Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plug is a drain plug designed to indicate the presence of water inside the insulation, in order to help asset-owners and maintenance planners to perform more precise inspection work for wet insulation and CUI. The WUI Drain Detection plug is equipped with a bright yellow indicator part which pops out if liquid water drains through the plug over a period of a couple of days.

The plug is a tool that helps pinpoint areas for inspection and thereby enables more precise risk-based CUI inspection which saves cost and time.

Benarx CUI Drain Detection Plug can be used for all insulation systems up to 180’C, but it cannot be used on cold-insulation if installing the plug means penetrating the vapor barrier. Furthermore, installation on fire-insulation systems requires that Benarx WUI Drain Detection plug is installed in combination with Benarx Fire Plugs which have been tested for integrity in fire.

The short version of the plug is recommended for fiber-type insulation materials while the long version of the plug is ore appropriate for rigid and closed cell insulation materials.

· Made from durable polyaramid materials

· Indicates after 1-3 days of continuous or sporadic water drainage.

· Does not indicate as a result of fog or humid-climate, free liquid water must drain out through the plug for indication to happen

· Once indicated, the product can be dried out and re-used.

· Can be retrofitted on existing insulation in addition to being fitting during installation of new insulation.

Contact for receival of the latest version of the Installation Manual for Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plug.

Standard insulation toolboxes are required in order to install. For a full list of the required tools, refer to Installation Manual for Installation Manual for Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plug.

Several accessory materials are needed in order to install Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plug. Refer to the Installation Manual for Benarx WUI Drain Detection Plug for a full list of the required accessory materials.

Unit configuration:
WUI Drain Detection Plug are delivered in single. Each quantity includes one complete pre-assembled plug with short top + one long top. One “qty = one plug + extension piece”. Note that steel plates and bands for fastening the plugs are ordered separately as accessory material.

Benarx WUI Drain Detection plugs can be ordered in our Ordering Portal or through you nearest Beerenberg sales representative. If you are ordering yourself through the Ordering Portal, make sure that you have read and understood all the content and accompanying documents listed in point 1-8 before ordering. This includes but is not limited to:

· How the product works

· How to install the product

· Which tools are needed

· Which accessory materials are needed

Beerenberg Services offer a range of support and services connected to WUI Drain Detection Plugs. Contact Beerenberg Services for an offer if you would like an offer or are in doubt about something related to WUI Drain Detection Plugs. The following services are offered as an optional service:

· Training of personnel for installation of WUI Drain Detection Plugs

· Installation

· Supervision of installation using the customers own insulators

· Benarx Fire Plug

· Steel straps