CUI - Preformed End Cap Gasket

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Product information

The end cap termination of pipe insulation is a critical point of water proofing for the pipe insulation system. Keeping water out is the first line of defense against corrosion under insulation (CUI). Water ingress and wet-insulation is the primary underlying factor which allows CUI to occur over time.

Using the traditional stainless steel terminations a number of problems may occur during the installation phase: Cutting injuries, damaged heat trace cables, scratches and damages on the pipe’s paint systems (even insulators drilling holes in the pipes), and great prefab difficulties when it comes to the fabrication of metallic end caps for slim insulation systems (i.e. aerogels). Traditional metallic end caps are often also not completely watertight.

By using an easy to install gasket which does not require any modifications to fit, large amounts of installation time is saved, and the risk of damaging the coating system and the heat trace of the pipe during installation is mitigated. This is the termination solution offered by the use of Benarx Preformed End Cap Gaskets. In addition, a non-metallic solution with better water sealing properties will help to save future maintenance costs and failures caused by CUI.

The product is offered in two different versions: Cutted (flat) end caps and molded (sloped) end caps.

Benarx Preformed End Cap Gaskets can be used for termination of any thermal or ccoustic Insulation system. The product also helps to mitigate CUI.

CNC-cutted end caps (flat, blue) can be used on pipe operating temperatures up to 230’C

Molded end caps (sloped, black) can be used on pipe operating temperature up to 270’C

· Preformed product that reduces installation time significantly compared to steel end caps

· Secures a waterproof end cap termination for steel cladding

· Eliminates damages to the coating on the piping surface which reduces development of CUI

· Prefabricated design eliminates fabrication on site and reduces HSE risk from cut-injuries

· High performance product thoroughly tested for ageing and exposure to harsh environments, reaction to fire, cryogenic exposure (-196 °C) and max temperature (+230/+270°C)

· Fully tested and qualified according NORSOK requirements:

- Dimensional stability (EN 1604)

- Max temperature (EN 14706)

· Classification of reaction to fire (EN 13501)

· Weather exposure and aging (ISO 20430 / ISO-12944)

Contact for receival of the latest version of the Installation Manual for Benarx Preformed End Cap Gaskets.

Standard insulation toolboxes are required in order to install Benarx Pipeshells. For a full list of the required tools, refer to Installation Manual for Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket.

Some accessory materials (i.e. tape, sealant, tightening bands, support-rings for larger size gaskets etc.) are needed in order to install Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket. Refer to Installation Manual for Benarx Preformed End Cap Gasket for a full list of the required accessory materials.

Unit configuration:
Benarx Preformed End Cap gasket is delivered in single gasket qty’s. One qty ordered = one gasket delivered.

End-caps are bundled and wrapped in protective plastic. For smaller deliveries the end-caps are placed in card-board boxes. For larger quantities the endcaps are shipped on fumigated euro-pallets.

The Packaged goods delivered on euro-pallets are covered with plastic and the pallet can be place outside for limited periods.

The packing-list-details of the contents is clearly marked on the outside of the box/pallet.

Benarx Preformed End Cap Gaskets can be ordered in our Ordering Portal or through you nearest Beerenberg sales representative. If you are ordering yourself through the portal, make sure that you have read and understood all the content and accompanying documents listed in point 1-8 before ordering. This includes but is not limited to:

· How the product works

· How to install the product

· Which tools are needed

· Which accessory materials are needed

· How to determine the correct dimensions to order

· How to determine the correct qty to order

Beerenberg Services offer a range of support and services connected to Benarx Preformed End Cap Gaskets. Contact Beerenberg Services for an offer if you would like an offer or are in doubt about something related to Benarx Pipeshells.

The following services are offered as an optional service:

· Training of personnel for installation of Benarx Preformed End Cap Gaskets (site-tests)

· Installation

· Supervision of installation using the customers own insulators