Steel Straps For Insulation Strapping

Product information

Steel straps are essential for insulation work and are used for fastening of weather protection and fire-insulation. As such, steel straps are an essential accessory for installation of a wide range of insulation systems, particularly for pipe-insulation.

Steel straps are available in multiple material qualities and dimensions.

Benarx Steel straps can be installed on all insulation classes at all temperatures.

· Made from SS 316 stainless steel, resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV light.

· Available in several roughnesses/glossiness levels

· Available in several thicknesses and widths

· Pre-fabricated with clips and protective tape on the inside to prevent damage on coating systems when used on prefabricated GRP-cladding or Epoxy-products

· Tested on fire-insulation systems for up to 180 minutes of jetfire and hydrocarbon fire.

Installation manuals do not exist for steel straps. Installation and tightening of steel straps is considered a required basic know-how for any personnel who is involved with insulation work.

Tightening device and locking pincer are required for installation of steel straps.

There are no accessories.

Unit configuration:
Benarx Steel Straps are ordered in units of “ea” band. If 10 “ea” is ordered, a bundle of 10 bands are delivered.

If order consist only steel bands, sets are pack in the separate cartoon box. Box could consist sets with different sizes which are listed on the box.

If order consist other products BBP added sets to collective carton/pallet.

Benarx Steel Straps can be ordered in our Ordering Portal or through you nearest Beerenberg sales representative. If you are ordering yourself through the portal, make sure that you have read and understood all the content and accompanying documents listed above before ordering. This includes but is not limited to:

· How the product works

· How to install the product

· Which tools are needed

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