Alu Foil/Tape

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Product information

Alu foils and tapes are widely used in the oil and gas industry as vapour or water barriers and to protect and distribute heat  around heat traced pipelines among other.


Typical application/use:


As vapor barrier:

- Tech-Met foil and tape


For pipes with Heat Tracing or process temperaures above 150C:

- IWR AA Aluminium Foil 1050 50 soft (Pure alu-foil)


wrapping box-insulation below 150C:

- Tech-Met foil and tape

- IWR T303 Self Adhesive Tape


 Contact for receival of the latest version of the Datasheets for Foils and Tapes.





TDS datasheet - Tech-Met Foil and Tape

TDS datasheet - IWR T303 Self Adhesive Tape

TDS datasheet - IWR AA Aluminium Foil 1050 50 soft


Alu Foils and Tapes can be ordered in our Ordering Portal or through you nearest Beerenberg sales representative.