More deliveries to Johan Sverdrup

Benarx has entered into the first contracts with supplies of material and personnel to the Johan Sverdrup project.
Johan Sverdrup platform.jpg

Kværner Stord builds the platform deck for the Utility and Living Quarter (ULQ) equipment and housing platform. Benarx has entered into an agreement with the yard where Benarx will supply material in connection with insulation to be carried out on the equipment module. The total weight of the entire platform deck is approx. 19,000 tons distributed on 9,700 tons on the equipment module and 9,300 tons on the housing module.

- Delivery will be a combination of bulk delivery and prefabricated materials such as capsule, boxes and insulation jackets. The first material has already been delivered and further deliveries will last regularly until all insulation work is completed by the end of 2018, says Sales Manager for Benarx Per Lange.
Aibel will deliver the platform deck to the drilling platform on the Johan Sverdrup project. This consists of three modules, with the largest main support frame being built at Aibel's shipyard in Thailand. This module is approx. 10 500 tonnes and will be sent to Haugesund for connection with the other two modules upon completion.

Benarx has partnered with Cape Thailand, who will carry out all the insulation work on the module in Thailand. The work includes isolation of approx. 7000 meters with pipes. As part of this agreement, Benarx will have personnel present who assist Cape in carrying out the insulation work according to the demands made on NORSOK projects for Statoil.

- In addition, our personnel will also establish IPS and work packages for the isolation. There will also be supplied some material to the project, such as. Pyrogel and Rubber End Cap. That we win this contract is closely related to the projects Gudrun and Troll, which we have previously performed at the yard in Thailand, and where Aibel has been very pleased with the work that has been carried out by our personnel, says Per Lange.

"The work in Thailand has already started and we currently have five people present on the yard. The work will continue until the module is shipped to Norway at the end of July.