Benarx is ready to produce in Korea

Benarx Solutions has, in cooperation with the Korean company SAMIL, prepared for production in Korea. There are initially boxes and panels to be manufactured.
Benarx is ready to produce in Korea.jpg

Personnel from the Polish department have been setting up the workshop and are now conducting training from Korean operators from SAMIL. On September 28, representatives from Total's Martin Linge project and Statoil's Mariner project were visited.

"Benarx presented the collaboration with Samil, which products and services can now provide local as well as a tour of the production facilities," says Per Lange, Sales Manager Benarx.

The feedback from the projects was very positive.
"It has long been clear that we had to establish local production in order to compete for assignments at the shipyards. I am confident that we will see an increase in the volume of orders from the three major shipyards in Korea, Hyundai (HHI), Samsung (SHI) and Daewo (DSME) soon, "said Per Lange.