Aasta Hansteen top side on the voyage to her motherland, Norway!

Thursday 28th Sep at 17:00 local time, Statoil’s Aasta Hansteen top side left Hyundai heavy Industries yard at Ulsan, South Korea.
Aassta Hanseen.jpg

In connection with removable insulation box scope, Benarx Solutions have provided field survey, fabrication & installation of boxes to this project. There are approx. 2100 items onboard covered by Benarx removable boxes. The project had some characteristics which made it unique of its type:

  • the project had a short installation time-window. All installation activities were executed in 12 weeks. At the peak time, Benarx have had 160 of both expat & local employees onboard.
  • due to special design requested by customer, significant no. of landing boxes were designed, fabricated and installed. This gave 30% increase of original scope in terms of no. of boxes.
  • this project was Benarx Solutions`s first installation project on this volume to be delivered outside Norway.

Although challenging, Benarx have achieved 99.9% completion at the time of sail-away. This level of completion is remarkable for Benarx as supplier, as well as it was appreciated by Statoil as final customer. The platform will have 55 sailing days before arrival to Stord for onshore hook-up scope and later on, she will sail to Norwegian sea for final offshore installation. Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), Lloyds Register and Shell Prelude team inspected the first deliveries of Benarx Epoxy Box products from Benarx Solution production in Korea on Friday the 13th January. The delivery marks a milestone in our Korea strategy, and  Benarx Solution has been successfull in securing orders which will be produced in our local Korean site. A big thanks to the Benarx people involved and to our local partner Samil.