Thermal Protection

The Petrochemical industry must handle a wide range of temperatures, from super heated steam to cryogenic Liquid Natural Gas. Thermal insulation plays an important role in preserving the temperature of the media, reducing the energy loss or avoiding condensation and external ice formation on cold media.

The NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure adequate safety, value adding and cost effectiveness for petroleum industry and operations. The NORSOK standards also represent the “best practise” in the industry and are being adopted by companies also outside the NCS. The NORSOK R-004 Piping and equipment insulation covers the minimum requirement for thermal, acoustic, personnel protection and fire protection for pipes, valves, flanges, vessels, equipment etc. for offshore/onshore installations. The insulation Classes 1, 2, 4 and 9 specifies thermal insulation in order to maintain efficient process temperatures.

Benarx® range of products for thermal insulation is designed to reduce the energy loss in process equipment, preserving cold media or protecting media against frost damages.