Flexiroll XP

The Benarx F Flexiroll XP is an effective solution for applying passive fire protecting of pipes, process equipment and structures in Oil&Gas production or processing plants. The fire integrity of such parts are essential and the Benarx Flexiroll can be fitted during installation or as an upgrade of the fire protection.

The Benarx Flexiroll XP is based on a reinforced fiber mat covered with intumescent epoxy material. On the outside, the Benarx Flexiroll XP is covered with a white flexible topcoat. The Flexiroll XP is delivered in rectangular sheets of 0.6 x 3 m size with thickness of 3, 6 or 9 mm. The Flexiroll is easy to cut to size and is fastened by stainless steel bands.

  • Jet fire-tested and certified according to OTI 95634
  • Tested and certified for Hydrocarbon fire according to EN 1363-2 Fire Resistance
  • Tested and certified for explosion loads of 1.2 bar
  • Life cycle test 4200 hours, simulating 15 years of lifetime
  • Easy and time saving to install
  • Can be installed in any weather conditions
  • No HSE issues compared to wet applied epoxy