Epoxy Cable Tray

Maintaining the integrity of power, telemetry and communication cabling in an Oil&Gas facility is essential in a potential fire. Durable passive fire protection of cable trays is therefore critical to maintain the desired level of safety in plants containing highly flammable and explosive hydrocarbons under pressure.

The Benarx Epoxy Cable Tray is build up by a perforated steel plate coated with intumescent epoxy coating on both sides. The epoxy thickness is determined by the fire scenario and the critical temperature of the protected cables.

The solution is prefabricated and consist of two L-shaped panels covering the cable tray and it is fastened by stainless steel straps. The cable tray protection is easy to open and re-close to access the cables inside.

  • Jet and hydrocarbon fire-rated, tested and certified up to two hours
  • Made from expanding epoxy compound
  • A product of the well proven Benarx F Epoxy - series
  • Consists of few parts, which improves durability
  • Very efficient and easy installation, requires few tools
  • Substantially reduces maintenance costs.
  • Withstands extreme arctic climates
  • Extremely robust, remarkably durable with a very low Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • High performance product, tested for explosion, age and static discharge
  • Can be fitted with Benarx’ unique and patented drain plug