Benarx F Drain Plug

The Benarx F Drain plug is an effective solution for draining water from insulation systems while maintaining the passive fire protection integrity of the system.

The Benarx F Drain plug is a stainless steel drain pipe containing a fire expanding seal bush inside. The drain plug can be mounted in various types of insulation system by use of a stainless steel plate with fastening steel bands or by fastening it by the threaded washer and nut through the bottom of Benarx Epoxy Box or other insulation boxes/capsules.


  • Jet and hydrocarbon fire-rated, tested and certified up to one hours
  • Made from SS 316 steel quality
  • A product of the well proven Benarx F - series
  • Consists of few parts, which improves durability
  • Withstands extreme arctic climates
  • High performance product, tested for explosion, age and static discharge