WUI Drain Plug

Benarx WUI Drain Plug is a durable and reliable tool for monitoring the presence of water under insulation, which is a critical factor in order for CUI to occur. When exposed to water, the unique patented solution with a water sensitive ball of expanding elastomer will ensure an easily detectable indicator to point out critical areas for inspection.

The WUI Drain Plug is a durable, electrically conductive, all-weather 
Polyamid material and can be used in all climatic conditions. The composition of the Polyamid makes it applicable on high temperature equipment, with OT < 150 °C in contact areas. 

It's simple design makes it applicable for all conventional insulation systems, and easy to install and remove. It can be directly applied on Benarx F Drain Plug, and can easily be mounted on other insulation systems using a traditional SS316 tightening band with an adapter mounting plate.