The Benarx Solutions ethical guidelines are designed to ensure that everyone acting on behalf of the company goes about their business in an ethical manner and in line with the company’s values and principles on business practices and personal conduct.

The company’s ethical guidelines are revised annually and were most recently adopted by the group’s executive bodies on 19.02.2014. The guidelines are also reviewed during audits by the company’s employee organisation (the Works Council).

Raising awareness and training employees in the principles of ethics and ethical guidelines are part of the company’s induction course for new employees. Ethics are a recurring topic at monthly themed meetings in the operations arm of the organisation and during so-called “dilemma training” sessions. They are also upheld by the “power of example” – in other words by the management’s attitudes and conduct at various levels. Ethics is a regular topic in various fora such as the working environment committee and health and safety seminars. There are plans to expand the current “dilemma training” programme in order to further increase the focus on ethics.

A whistleblowing regime for staff has been implemented to help ensure compliance with the ethical guidelines. The system includes channels for alerting external and Independent third parties. A Compliance Officer role has also been established.

The company's ethical guideline can be downloaded below